This is not a fitness program. It’s not a diet. It’s a coaching track and you are in the driver’s seat deciding how fabulous you will be! And along the way we’ll have some fun too 🙂

How is this program different?

We START with feeling fabulous at the BEGINNING of the program. 

It’s PERSONAL. It’s always about what works for YOUR body and YOU personally based on YOUR current situation. 

I work with a NETWORK.  To support you I draw on the expertise of my “network of awesomeness”. Think of other vitality professionals such as physiotherapists, dietitians, nutritional therapists, natural food specialists, physical trainers, stylists and other coaches.

Who is this for?

Moms who are busy, tired, and just don’t get around to investing in themselves. Want to have more energy, fun, look better and shake those stubborn kilos for good? Then this program is for you!

What kind of results can you expect?

-Start feeling fabulous right now (not in a few months or when your reach your ultimate goal)

-Be done once and for all with yo-yo dieting

-Enjoy food again

-Have more energy to do the things you love doing

-Have fun reaching your goals

-Know how to get the support you need

What’s my ambition?

That by the end of 2020, I will have supported 1000 moms will to be the most energetic and fabulous versions of themselves!

What does the program look like?

An intake, five two hour sessions in five weeks, and an in-between half hour coaching session call in the middle of the track.  If you decide to opt-in to a group track instead of individual the process is only slightly different. The intake and coaching session remain individual. All other sessions are with 1-7 other motivated mamas who are also looking to get fabulous!

Additional details:

-Childcare is not included in the program at this time.

-Take into account that you’ll need an hour every week for “homework” assignments.


The Fit & Fabulous Moms Program


Session 1: Foundations

Set yourself up for success in the program by concretely defining where you want to go & how you’ll get there.

Session 2: Fun and Fabulous

Discover what gets you energized & feeling fabulous so you can go out and do more of it! 

Session 3: Fit and Fruity

In this session we dive into food and fitness & take another step towards kicking our self-destructive habits to the curb.

– Coaching

Time to check-in and get that mid-program boost.

– Session 4: We and my Hormones

A crash course on common hormonal issues and solutions. 

– Session 5: Future Proof

Today we reflect on progress, make a plan for the future and measure how far you’ve come!


What does the program cost?

€350 (including taxes). No hidden-fees guaranteed. 

Want to host a group at your home or do it with a friend? Discounts are available 🙂

What next?

Are you excited and ready to start being the most amazing version of you? Time to sign up!

I’m in!

Not 100% sure if the program is for you or have other questions?

Contact me!

At the moment I’m only offering this program in person, in The Netherlands.

If you are interested in virtual coaching, or are based in another country, please reach out! I love thinking in possibilities 🙂