So what is this Fit & Fabulous Moms program that I’m offering?

I created a two month program that I believe supports moms to become the most fabulous versions of themselves and creates lasting change.

Why is this program different from other programs?

I combine the well-known trifecta of Fun, Fitness and Food in a unique way. Where other programs focus on feeling great at the END of a program, we START with feeling more fabulous from day one. 

I focus on individuality. Even though we work in groups, this remains a very personal process and it comes down to what works for your body, not a prescribed eating and fitness plan.

I work with a network. It’s called ‘my network of awesomeness’. To support you I draw on the expertise of: vitality professionals, dieticians, natural food specialists, physical trainers, psychologists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and stylists

Who is this for?

Moms who are busy, tired, and just don’t get around to investing in themselves enough to shake those stubborn kilos for good. 

What kind of results can you expect?

-start feeling fabulous right now (not in a few months or when your reach your goal).

-be done once and for all with yo-yo dieting

-enjoy food again

-have fun reaching your goals

-know how to get the support you need

What’s my ambition?

This is going to be the last food-related program you’ll need to follow.

What does the program look like?

A two month program with 4 half-day group sessions and a follow-up sesssion about 2 months after the program ends. 

Program structure:

-session 1: Fundamentals of being fabulous & goal setting for success

Let’s shift gears and set yourself firmly in the driver’s seat. Destination Fabulous!

-session 2: Food & fitness – find your fun

Discover what foods and fitness will make you go from “it’s hard!” to having FUN on your way to the best version of you.

-session 3: YOUR network of awesomeness

Turning your friends, family and other experts into a netwerk that supports you in staying fabulous

-session 4: Future proof

What is your vision of the future and set yourself up for success.

-2 month follow-up

We see where everyone is in relation to when the program ended and address potential struggles to focus on positive thinking re-energize ourselves.

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Don’t know if the program is for you? Or have other questions?

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