How can I best support you?

I’m a habit-based health coach.

This means approaching each person from where they are right now and changing things one step at a time with a focus on habits.

Every one of us starts changing ourselves positively at a different moment in life with different challenges and a completely different backpack of experiences and knowledge that we bring with us.

Lasting change requires holistic approach, integrating the physical and mental state and taking things one step at a time.

I strongly believe that being healthier should be fun, achievable and practical! Not only that but I’m a bit of a research nerd and love being able to back up “feelings” with factual evidence. When we see the progress we make, we are prouder of ourselves and more likely to continue creating that positive change we are looking for!

The first step? Let’s have chat to hear what’s going on with you and see if we are a good match.

If your your parter or best friend want to join you in this journey I would definitely recommend getting them on board. The more support we create in our direct environments, the bigger our chances of lasting success!

Despite my broad knowledge and experience, I can’t support everyone. If we aren’t a match and I can’t help, I’ll refer you to someone who can! I’m people centred and as such have a diverse portfolio of professionals in my network.

Workshops & Lectures

Ideal for mamas clubs/meetups, women’s network, or kraamzorg and consultatiebureaus.

A sample of the workshops and lectures available: Hormones in Balance, More Me-Time, Healthy Habits & Conscious Eating.