How can I best support you?

My focus is hormones and health.

What do hormones have to do with health? Well, it’s easier to ask what hormones don’t affect since they have an impact on most of our systems! Amongst other important functions (like reproduction), your hormone balance affects weight loss and energy. 

How? By influencing the amount of calories burned at rest, whether energy is sent to muscles or fat (I know my preference on this one!) and how satisfied you feel with what you ate. And on the energy front hormones affect how we sleep, how energetic we wake up in the morning, and maintain energy throughout the day!

Being healthier should be fun, achievable and sustainable! This means every program/workshop or lecture I provide is catered to your specific situation.

The first step? A balance chat to hear what’s going on with you and to see if we are a good match.

If I can’t help, I’ll refer you to someone who can!

Hormone Balance Coaching – 5 Weeks to Fabulous!

The goal?  To support you as a (new) mom to implement lasting change to help you lose that baby weight, increase your energy, and have fun while doing it!

We start with an in-depth look at your current lifestyle: food intake, home and work situations and movement.

Out of this analysis we’ll find out where you are out of balance and make a plan as to what adjustments can be made to get you into optimal health!

The investment? €395

What’s included?

  • A detailed Hormone Balance Analysis
  • 4 additional sessions of 1.5-2 hours
  • A 30 minute upgrade call halfway through the track
  • Support during the process via mail/WhatsApp
  • All program materials

Workshops & Lectures

Ideal for mamas clubs/meetups, women’s network, or kraamzorg and consultatiebureaus.

A sample of the workshops and lectures I offer: Hormones in Balance, More Me-Time, Healthy Habits & Conscious Eating.