Besides being a Hormone Balance Coach I’m also a social entrepreneur. This means I want to both do business and create a positive impact on this world. 

The Center for Happy Mamas

Imagine a center where you as a mama come to meet other amazing women, get inspired and supported. A place to grab a cup of coffee, a healthy snack, sit down and read a book or listen to an interesting lecture. A place where there are professionals present to support you in becoming an even more vibrant, energetic and healthy version of you. Not only that, but there will be child-care to support you in creating the time to relax and take care of you!

This is the idea behind The Center for Happy Mamas.

Our first step in realizing this center is setting up a co-working space with daycare. So you as a parent can either work remotely, maintain or start your own business while remaining in close proximity to your precious little ones. 

Have ideas as to how we can realize this space? Want to be a part of the initiative? We would love to hear from you!

Brainstorm: We are holding a brainstorm session at the Bijenkorf (restaurant on the 3rd floor) on February 12th from 0930 – 1100 (children welcome) to gather concrete ideas as to how to move forward together with interested parents. If you’re a parent of a child 0-4 or a parent who would like to support in this process please join us!

If you can’t be there in person, but would like to give input please message and we will send you our digital input form (link coming soon!).

Stichting Happy Mamas

Our foundation, Happy Mamas, provides activities for parents with young children for low/no costs. Currently we offer themed reading workshops and cooking workshops in collaboration with Schroeder in the Valkenbos neighborhood of The Hague. 

Would you like to volunteer your time? Have great ideas for workshops? Have a location which would be suitable for these activities? Get in touch! We’re always looking for new ways to collaborate and contribute to the optimal well-being of parents and children!