There are so many different sources of inspiration for a healthy, balanced life out there!

Here are some of my favorites organized by topic:

Being Fabulous

The Art of Being Fabulous – Cool blog by a chick enjoying life!


Dr. Axe – Page with tons of health and food information and recipes.

Juglan Zwaan – A great (Dutch) resource page all about (hormone friendly) food. With blogs, recipes and a webshop.

Vivian Reijs – A very inspiring woman with a focus on Hormones and Orthomolecular food.

Rieneke Dijkinga – writes books on hormones and food.


Fitbit – Free app (you don’t even need to have a Fitbit device) to track steps, water, weight, exercise, goals & even your food intake. Also, super fun feature is the challenge tab where you can take on your friends in a weekly (or weekend) step challenge. I’ve been using this app for 2 years and love it!

50 Best Free Fitness Resources – Article with a giant list of online fitness resources.


Psychoneuroimmunology: laugh and be well


App – Streaks. Ok, it costs about €5, but it’s very handy if you want to (digitally) keep track of habits you want to change. Customize-able with an large icon library and the ability to track up to 12 habits at once.

Book – The Power of Habit. Want to know more about how habits are formed & how to change them? An easy to read book with a good scientific background and captivating examples.

VideoSimon Sinek: Do you love your wife? It’s the little changes that add up to a lot!


Ralph MoormonDe Hormoonfactor. My teacher. His websites are great resources with lots of articles on hormones. Ralph has now trained over 1000 hormone balance coaches as well as writing several (Dutch) books and even developing his own gluten-free Yam bread. He also holds weekly FaceBook live sessions and has a YouTube channel in which he provides a lot of free and very useful, interesting information.

Marjolein Dubbers – Another online resource with many articles related to hormones. She targets mainly women who are 40+


Book – De Levenscode (Dutch). A fascinating book about the secrets of growing old while remaining vital.