Hi I’m Johanne and I support wonderful moms to become the best version of themselves, starting NOW! 

Why? Because I was there, I struggled. 

My overall health, or let’s be honest here, my weight has been something I’ve been busy with for 20 years. Literally decades!

I wasn’t a super fat kid, but after living the first 14 years on a boat with healthy, home-made food, I just wasn’t well prepared for moving to the United States. I was all of a sudden faced with the endless vending machines, fast-food chains, greasy high-school cafeteria lunches and candy everywhere!

When I was 15 my mom signed me up for Weight Watchers. As a teenager growing up in California, the diet opportunities basically unlimited. And I pretty much tried to do them all in my quest towards the “ideal body”.

Fat pills, liquid diets, detox teas (which is code for ‘sitting on the toilet all day’), you name it.

None of it really worked for long. In fact, over the years, I continued to gain weight!

At 19 years old I weighed 220 pounds (100 kilograms) and had high blood pressure. My doctor put me on appetite suppressant prescription pills. At age 19! 

I successfully dropped 30 pounds (+/- 15 kilos) and stopped with the pills. What happened? You guessed it! The weight came back again.

And so the cycle continued. I would gain weight to the point where I hated how I looked in pictures, and decide I needed to do something. When I did, it was always something different. I restricted my food intake to almost starvation levels or would embark on a super intense fitness regime to lose the weight. Just to gain it all back when I reached a point I thought, “ah, this looks and feels better”.

By the time I was 30, I couldn’t remember a time when I didn’t struggle with my weight. Or have a love-hate relationship with food. Not to mention my closet.

In 2014 I followed a program called Outfit. It was all about getting back ‘in tune’ with your body. This worked for me! I shaved off 8 kilos in 2 months and another 3 after the program. I was the most slender version of myself I’d ever seen and man did I feel good! 

Then I had kids. Which is possibly Nature’s cruelist prank on women struggling with their weight. Ok, ok, not fair to blame Nature in this one, but having kids has a serious impact on your body, as any mom can attest to.


Baby #1 plus 20 kilos, minus 20 kilos (one year later). But a few kilo’s started to (unconsciously) creep back on.

Baby #2 plus 20 kilos, minus 15 and then BAM! I broke my freaking foot. On moving day no less.

I carried a whopping total of 1.5 boxes during our entire first move as a family. I’ll never live down the fact, but that’s a different story 😉

All of a sudden I was faced with not being able to (literally) put a foot on the ground. Talk about confronting. I had a moment of panic. All of my hard work these last months was for nothing and I’m going to gain all this weight…ahhhhhh!

And then something clicked. This would be as hard as I made it on myself. I was in control of a) what went in my mouth and b) my recovery. Talk about responsibility! I also realized that I had the choice to sit my ass on the couch and be a grump for the next 6 weeks, or I could make the best of the situation.

This attitude switch stuck with me and another 4 kilos flew off while I could barely move. My cast came off after 6 weeks (fully healed according to the doctor!!!) and within 2 months I was able to run again. #proud.

Having a broken bone and not being able to even empty the dishwasher or kick the ball outside with my kid made me realize how important my health was to me. I decided that I whatever I was to do with work should be meaningful, give me energy and still allow me to spent time with my wonderful family.

While I was recovering I was also actively looking for support. Besides my wonderful husband I was also in an Whatsapp-group with other moms who also wanted to lose weight. I noticed that even though I couldn’t move, and they could, I continued to make the most progress of anybody in the group! How was this possible?

My conclusion was that it had to do with two things. My mindset (have fun & be positive) and secondly that I was tuning into my body and what works for ME. My gut told my I was onto something. 

Link between breaking foot & being in the now. Vulnerability/dependency on others (?)

And then I got it. I was living in the NOW. Everything is about the NOW.

The combination of me having a positive mentality, having fun with the proces and being fabulous every single day (no matter what my weight), was what it was all about. 

And so the fit & fabulous mom program was born.

Then it hit me: the focus on being vital has been in my life for 20 years. I want to do something with this and share my knowledge and experience with other mothers. And so the fit & fabulous mom program was born.

(short) BIO 

Johanne was born in Washington state (USA), December 1983

Grew up on a boat, traveling the world. 

Graduated high school and university (bachelor Psychology & International Relations) in California.

Took off traveling when she was 22, landed in the Netherlands and did a masters international development studies.

Worked for the Dutch Council for Refugees as a trainer.

Did multiple personal development trainings and became a certified coach, 

The topic of vitality has been the focus in her life for the last 20 years.