My vision on being Fit & Fabulous!

Fit is being at the top of my game energy-wise. I wake up full of energy, ready to take on the day & no matter what physical/mental challenges I take on, I can handle it with ease. No after lunch/dinner dips or collapsing exhausted on the couch. And definitely not having to tell my kids I’m too tired to chase them around the living room table! That’s what I mean by being fit. Fit is a state of mind & physical condition. It’s not a number on the scale, a clothing-size or whether my stomach is super flat & I can run a marathon. Although…if you want to train for a marathon, you go girl!

Fabulous is experiencing myself as looking and feeling amazing! It means feeling sexy and investing in myself!

When I’m at the top of my game and full of energy, I invest in myself and look and feel amazing! That’s what being a Fit & Fabulous Mom is all about. Sounds good right?

A bit about me…

Born in the US (Washington) and grew up on a boat. I spent many years in the South Pacific before returning to the states and attending University (UC Davis) where I studied Psychology and International Relations. 

After landing in The Netherlands in 2010, did a research master’s (International Development) at Wageningen and went on to work for The Dutch Council for Refugees.

Starting in 2012 I completed several trainings on self-development and communication, and certified Hormone Balance Coach. 

Besides coaching women, primarily moms, I’m also dedicating myself to setting up The Center for Healthy Mamas – A place where moms are supported in being the healthiest versions of themselves!