5 ways to increase your energy in 5 minutes (or less)

We all have those moments of the day (some of us more than others) where we have a dip in energy. Or we wake up that way! And because we live busy lives the tendency (at least for most of us) is to just power through it and hope the energy comes back at some time or another. And usually, we do get through it. The ideal situation? Increase your energy!

There are many simple little things to do to combat these energy dips! And in just a few minutes you can boost your energy and get back to all those important tasks that need doing!

Here are 5 of my favorite ways to increase your energy!
1. 30 second dance break.

Put on your favorite jam or happy number (at high volume) and let loose. Music can boost your (athletic) performance, your mood and even your brain’s pleasure center! Inspired by an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, this one is my all-time fave. Whether it’s a yourself, your partner, a friend or even a colleague who is stuck in an energy rut or just in a funk…it’s time to dance!Lacking inspiration for awesome songs to dance to?

Check out my 30 Second Dance Break playlist!


2. Write successes.

Take a pen and paper and just write down 5 things you did well today. If it’s early in the morning, use things you did yesterday. We are so programmed to focus on all the things that aren’t going well, or could be better that sometimes it takes a bit of effort to shift the focus and look at what we do well. But it’s so worth it! I write successes on a daily basis!


3. Laugh out loud. 

Laughing triggers the release of endorphins (happy-hormones) & so many studies have shown that it’s just plain good for you. And yet we laugh (genuinely) less and less. So let’s change that and boost our own moods to boot! Check out your favorite commedian, YouTube film of animals doing ridiculous things or try to lick your elbow and hop on one foot at the same time. Whatever gets your happy face going on!


4.  Get outside.

The effect of nature is so powerful on us, that you don’t even have to literally go outside. Just looking at pictures of beautiful nature can help improve your mood and energy levels. Of course the extra boost from the higher levels of oxygen outside also influence your seretonin levels which help you feel more relaxed and happier. Also…let’s face it, when you are outside, there’s usually some sort of movement involved, which also gets your blood pumping and ups energy levels. So, even if it’s raining or windy or you don’t “feel like it” (me this morning), get up and get out for a few minutes. It’ll feel great afterwards 🙂


5. Take a cold shower.

Not my personal favorite, but I have to say, this one does the trick. And, apparently as a good friend recently informed me, there’s even a science behind this. It’s called hormesis, which (in very simple terms) comes down to applying small amounts of stressfull or harmful agents to create a beneficial change. In this case, cold water is the hormetic agend. The cold water shocks your body awake, stimulates deeper breathing (which increases oxygen levels in your blood) and will give you an energy kick for sure!


So, which energy picker-upper will you use next time you need it? Have a favorite that’s not here? Feel free to share!


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