10 ways to treat yourself in 10 minutes or less

As a busy mom, I have the tendency to see treating myself as taking a whole day off, going out in the evening or doing something big (like a spa day). Yes, those are definitely rewarding experiences, but also pretty infrequent! The result? I sometimes get the “feeling” that I’m neglecting myself. Boo!

Definitely not what I want to create for myself, yet the challenge to create more of those bigger moments is a pretty big one. There are only so many hours in the day. My solution? Find ways to invest more in myself, but in smaller time chunks.

And for me, it works like a charm. Man do these little moments make a difference!

And, if you’re anything like me, you probably have a bunch of beauty products already in the house. Either because you got it as a gift, bought it on sale, or made a resolution at some point to invest in yourself…which means, you don’t even have to take a trip to the store to start now!

So, when you can only grab 10 minutes somewhere during the day for yourself, try out these quick and easy ways to treat yourself and feel more fabulous.

1. Facial mask

Wet face, apply, let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse away, and voila! A tingly, fresh feeling face. I tend to do this when I notice my skin starting to get oily, have more breakouts/blackheads going on, or after a vacation. I have a tube of mudmask laying around that is my go-to. Next up will be trying a charcoal mask. Easy to pick-up at your local drugstore/pharmacy. Of course…that costs money, and if you’re on a bit of a budget there are also lots of home solutions too. Just plan a bit more time in if you want to make your own.

2. Body scrub

You can do this as part of your daily shower routine, or plan a separate moment for this little pamper session. Wet skin, scrub-a-dub-dub (with dry scrubs or one with oil already in it) and tada! Silky-smooth skin.

3. Paint your nails

Sit down, put a base coat on, wait a couple minutes, color, wait a couple minutes & top coat. Done! Granted, it’s not a full-on manicure or pedicure, which would be fabulous but for me it does the trick and I feel just a little bit prettier 🙂

4. Foot massage

Grab a foot and rub away! 3-5 minutes, and then switch it up! Granted, it’s not quite as relaxing as when someone else does it for me, but I do know exactly how I like my own foot rubbed. A little massage oil and my lil tootsies are in heaven! If your hubby/partner is around – don’t hesitate to ask him to help out too.

5. Body lotion it up

Grab one of those bottles on the shelf and rub away! I have the best intentions to moisturize daily, but in the hecticness of everyday life often skip it. The reality is, it only takes a couple of minutes, and I feel, look and smell better after doing this easy little pampering ritual.

6. A hot cuppa, just the way you like it.

Put on that coffee machine, perculator or boil some water. Create hot beverage of choice, and consume. Sit down, and drink it while it’s hot! Feels like a luxury right?

7. Read

Pick up that book you keep meaning to read, and start. Just a few minutes of reading can have an incredibly relaxing and inspirational effect. This one is also easy to combine with #6 🙂

8. Vacation visualization

Lay down in a comfy, quiet place. Set a timer if you need to. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal vacation spot in as much detail as possible. It doesn’t have to be somewhere you’ve been, just what YOU think is a fantastic, relaxing and enjoyable place to be. What do you see around you? What sounds do you hear? How is the weather? Who is with you? What are you doing? What is the feeling that you have? After thoroughly answering all these questions for yourself and seeing it in front of you, let it fade away.  Open your eyes & be in the here and now.

9. Call a friend

Who is the first friend that comes to mind? Pick up your phone and dial away! Since having my lil munchkins I noticed that I just don’t talk to people as much. I love talking to my friends, and I always enjoy it, so taking the effort to dial? Very much worth it!

10. A power shot

Of the veggie or juice variety that is. A healthy way to treat yourself and start off the day with a kick. Short on time? Grab one at the store (EkoPlaza or AH for example here in NL) or build it into your week-planning/menu and make your own.


So there you have them! 10 little things you can do to treat yourself on a physical and mental level and feel like you’ve pampered yourself. Next time you need a little self-care, try one these out!

Which one is your favorite? Have more ideas you’d like to share? Please do!

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