If you are like most new moms I know…

You have to deal with more than your average person. Balancing household, work, family, friends means “Me-time” comes last. Which often means that those few extra baby kilo’s you would love to lose are yup, still there.

Kicking those kilo’s to the curb & getting your old energy back?
It’s hard, takes too much time, and frankly most days, just too plain tired to do anything except crash on the couch at the end of the evening. 

Sound familiar? Well, I was there too, and I struggled.
But not anymore! I discovered a way to do things differently. 

How? By combining my twenty years of experiential learning with a holistic lifestyle approach aimed at balancing hormones. Resulting in optimal health!

So if you’re a (relatively) new mom struggling with your weight I’d love to support you in being the healthiest version of yourself, starting NOW. 

Let’s talk!


What do hormones have to do with weight and energy?

Well, it’s easier to ask what hormones don’t affect since they have an impact on most of our systems! And, the topic of hormones is pretty broad. In a nutshell however…

Hormones affect weight  through the amount of calories burned at rest, whether energy is sent to muscles or fat (I know my preference on this one!) and how satisfied you feel with what you ate. On the energy front hormones affect how we sleep, how energetic we wake up in the morning, and maintain energy throughout the day!


What to do? My approach to weight-loss and energy

-you are a unique individual who has your own starting point

-take it a step at a time for lasting change that works for you

-if it’s hard & no fun, you’ll quit pretty soon – so we have fun 🙂

How can I support you?


On being Fit & Fabulous!

Fit is being at the top of my game energy-wise. I wake up full of energy, ready to take on the day & no matter what physical/mental challenges I take on, I can handle it with ease. No after lunch/dinner dips or collapsing exhausted on the couch. And definitely not having to tell my kids I’m too tired to chase them around the living room table! That’s what I mean by being fit.

Fit is a state of mind & physical condition. It’s not a number on the scale, a clothing-size or whether my stomach is super flat & I can run a marathon. Although…if you want to train and go for a marathon, you go girl!

Fabulous is experiencing myself as looking and feeling amazing! It means feeling sexy and investing in myself! 

When I’m at the top of my game and full of energy, I invest in myself and look and feel  amazing! And that’s what being a Fit & Fabulous Mom is all about! Sounds good right?