If you are like most moms I know, you have to deal with more than your average person. Balancing household, work, family and friends…and “Me-time”? That comes last. Often this means that those few extra kilo’s you would love to lose are yup, still there.

Kicking those kilo’s to the curb? It can be hard, take lots of effort and time. Most days, you’re just too plain tired at the end of the day to even think about doing excercise too!

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there too. And struggled. Now, I’ve discovered a way to do differently. The result? I can be fit & fabulous every day without working HARD or it taking a lot of TIME and ENERGY.

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Fit and Fabulous – how I see it!

Fit is being at the top of my game energy-wise. I wake up full of energy, ready to take on the day & no matter what physical/mental challenges I take on, I can handle it with ease. No after lunch/dinner dips or collapsing exhausted on the couch. And definitely not having to tell my kids I’m too tired to chase them around the living room table! That’s what I mean by being fit. Fit is a state of mind & physical condition. It’s not a number on the scale, a clothing-size or whether my stomach is super flat & I can run a marathon. Although…if you want to train and go for a marathon, you go girl!

Fabulous is experiencing myself as looking and feeling amazing! It means feeling sexy and investing in myself! 

When I’m at the top of my game and full of energy, I invest in myself and look and feel  amazing! That’s what being a Fit & Fabulous Mom is all about! Sounds good right? 



What’s the secret to being fit & fabulous every day? 

Have FUN starting NOW!

That’s right…have fun getting as fit as you want to be & have fun investing in yourself and feeling sexy!

It would have been so nice if I had had someone to take me by the hand and show me an easier way to create this lasting balance in my life! No more drastic weight swings or crash diets. Simply enjoying and knowing what works for me to create the life I want to have.

This is why I’m sharing all the lessons and insights and knowledge that I’ve built up in the last two decades. 

Not only via the blogs, vlogs and resources I share here, but also in person!

-5 Weeks to Fabulous: My coaching track to just feel better about yourself!

-Hormones in Balance: For those with specific health complaints

-Workshops and Lectures: More Me-Time, Healthy Habits, Conscious Eating, Positive Thinking

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Mini bio:

I was born in La Conner, Washington & grew up travelling the world by boat. Homeschooled until age 9, I spent 8 years of my life in the South Pacific and attended my first school ever in French Polynesia. 

At age 14 my mom, brother and I moved back California where I completed High School and University (UC Davis). I hold bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and International Relations and did my Master of Science in International Developlement Studies at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. I designed and carried out my research among Bhutanese refugees in Nepal.

Starting in 2012 I followed several self-development and communication trainings and became a certified Coach and Trainer Hormoonfactor. I’m never done learning and love being able to contribute to the health of other amazing moms out there!





Coming up: A collaboration with another amazing female entrepreneur: Linda Tompkins. She is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Restart Instructor. We’ll be giving a joint workshop called Healthy Habits & Smart Nutrition on March 12th at the American School of the Hague. You can sign up here: https://pto.ash.nl/pto/courses#!/Healthy-Habits-and-Smart-Nutrition/p/126743217/category=32655023

February 2019

This has been a great month already! I passed my exams and officially became a Trainer Hormoonfactor. 

And, I found an amazing group of entrepreneurial women at the Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII) and joined their network. 

January 2019

I started off this year wonderfully: on vacation! And with giving 2 workshops 🙂 More Me-Time was given in both Dutch & English at the Center for Youth & Family (CJG) in The Hague and the response was very positive!

December 2018

My first workshops for 2019 are planned! Click the links to sign up via Eventbrite. 

More Me-Time – A simple way to do what you want to do. Friday January 25th from 1930 to 2130 at My Gym in The Hague.

Making Healthy Habits Stick – Create lasting change in bite-sized chunks. Thursday February 21st from 1900-2100 at My Gym in The Hague.

November 2018

The results for my Vital Moms Survey which ran from August til October have been analyzed! Curious as to what more than 140 moms from 12 different countries had to say about their own vitality? See the results!

October 2018

I started the educational program “Trainer Hormoonfactor” (Trainer Hormone Factor) at Sonnevelt here in The Netherlands. So exciting to learn about how our hormones affect so many different physical and mental aspects of our lives! Want to know more about it? (Website is in Dutch) Trainer Hormoonfactor

September 2018

I began a track with other new Vitality professionals at the Center for Vitality in Leiden. The center is part of Leiden University. In this program I’m learning as a new businesswoman how to present myself (and the program) in a more attractive and comprehensive way & set my business up for success! More about the program (in Dutch) here: Startup Track – Center for Vitality


Guest bloggers/vloggers

Have cool stuff you’d like to share relating to moms & vitality? Let’s talk! I am always looking to meet and get to know new people with interesting ideas and create collaborations.