If you are like most moms I know…

You have to deal with more than your average person. Balancing household, work, family, friends means “Me-time” comes last. Which often means that those few extra baby kilo’s you would love to lose are yup, still there.

Kicking those kilo’s to the curb? Or even just “eating healthier” can seem hard, take too much time, and frankly most days, you’re just too plain tired to do anything other than crash on the couch at the end of the evening. 

Sound familiar? Well, I’ve been there too, and struggled. But not anymore!

I discovered a way to do things differently. 

How? By combining my twenty years of experiential learning with a holistic lifestyle approach and focusing on habits to create lasting change!

So if you’re a mom struggling with your energy, weight, or just want to be healthier for you (and your family) I’d love to support you in being the most fabulous version of yourself, starting NOW.